Spilka Swing™

A revolution for side-hung windows

Spilka Swing™ is a unique hinge solution for the production of side swing outward opening windows that allows the sash to reverse almost 180 degrees.

As opposed to most other side hung hinges, Swing is a fully reversible solution. The hinge is based on a unique concept whereby an enclosed wheelhouse with ball bearings carries the sash and ensures easy opening and closing.

Practical Scandinavian design

Spilka Swing™ is a window solution within the typical Scandinavian window tradition, and is one of our three hardware window solutions which are fully reversible. Outward opening windows provide a unique functionality and practical user advantages. The actual window construction improves and reinforces the window’s weather performance qualities against natural forces.

Some key benefits of the Spilka Swing™ system

  • Sash weight up to 40 kg
  • 5 modules, window widths M4 - M8
  • Fully reversible for safe cleaning
  • Easy and convenient opening and closing
  • Integrated opening restrictor
  • Made in stainless steel
Spilka Swing™

Range of applications and functions

Spilka Swing is designed as a holistic system in which all components are developed and adapted to one another. The window may be opened by traditional catches or multipoint locking espagnolette. Both options allow the window to be locked in a ventilation position.

Spilka Swing hinges are available in sizes, designated M4 - M8. The width of the windows ranges from 388 mm to 888 mm.

The maximum sash weight for this type of window is 40 kilos

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