Spilka - Your key partner

Complete system solutions, both off-the-shelf and tailored to your needs, is the cornerstone of our product offering.

Our ambition is to provide products and services that increase our customer’s competitiveness.

Entering into a partnership with Spilka, you will get all the hardware needed for production of outward opening windows and doors, as well as the assistance and technical support to do so.

One-stop and you’re good to go.

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All-round quality

High quality in our hardware solutions for door and window components is a significant feature of the Spilka brand worldwide.

But both for us and our customers, quality means more than making a good product. 360 degrees Spilka quality ensures an extra high focus on assisting our partners with knowledge throughout the customer journey and in all parts of our collaboration.

We work continuously to ensure that our research and expertise contribute to constantly developing the most innovative and functional solutions, to provide increased competitiveness and profitability for our customers and partners.

Innovation and development

Continuous development

Launched in the 1960’s, the industry-changing Spilka Classic, continued and strengthened our longstanding tradition of innovation and evolution.

To date this remains one of our most important activities. We are dedicated to creating new solutions and new product concepts that add value for our customers, be it making bespoke parts of systems, new designs or products for new areas.

Technical support

At Spilka we take great pride in the fact that not only do we sell top quality products and system solutions, but we also provide a full suite of services to help our partners bring their products to market. Our services include construction of the window solution, tailor making of parts and components, product testing as well as prod ct development – all with the ambition of helping our partners succeed in the market place.

Customer loyalty

Deeply rooted in our culture is the ever ongoing search for excellence in all aspects of our activities. As a result we are privileged to enjoy strong and lasting relationships with our partners. The key ingredient behind achieving this is mutual trust, respect and openness. Most importantly we remain focused on delivering value adding products and services that are relevant to our customers.