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For all kinds of weather

The Scandinavian sliding door

Spilka Tango works according to the same principles as our outward opening windows. When the door is closed, the articulated wheel bearings will help close the external sliding leaf towards the fixed leaf and the sealing gaskets. Increased wind pressure on the sliding door leaf increases that on the weather strips, enhancing the sealing effect and preventing water and air infiltration.

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Efficient design and production

Tango’s simple design and efficient production has made it a popular solution. Spilka Tango™ works according to the same principles as our outward opening windows offering many of the same advantages; function, performance levels and ease of use.

Hinged wheel that utilizes momentum

Our patented wheel assembly is the key to the unique Spilka Tango™ solution.

The patented wheel assemblies feature a unique movement during opening and closing. When the door is initially opened the wheels tilt and direct the weight of the sliding leaf outwards. During sliding the wheels are vertical and allow a low friction operation without rubbing against the weather-strips.

User friendly


When closing the door, the espagnolette will initially pull the sliding leaf towards the side of the frame and thereafter force the sliding leaf inwards against the seal. This makes the operation of the sliding leaf even easier!

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