Spilka Expertise

Spilka has expertise in the development and production of complete system solutions and accessories for external windows and doors. Well-documented superior product quality after production of 45 million Spilka Classic, and we have a unique in-house competencies both in R&D, construction and technical support.

With 60 years experience

Uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects

Conscious choice of materials, automated and efficient production as well as a well-developed system for quality control ensure products and solutions of exceptional quality.

Our solutions – well known for their unique performance and quality - are sold to cooperating partners and customers in more than 20 countries. Our ambition is to provide products and services that increase our customers’ competitiveness.

Close collaboration with our customers and an uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects of manufacturer and product performance is our trademark. Our solutions are robust and simple to manufacture for our customers. The end-user experiences are ease of use, dependable function, longevity and low maintenance requirements.