The secret behind outward opening windows
In all modesty

Outward opening windows are simply better

Increasingly demanding and extreme weather conditions require extraordinary solutions.

The secret behind outward opening windows

Complete System Solutions

Spilka designs and develops complete system solutions for the production of outward opening windows and doors, off-the-shelf or tailored to your needs, this is the cornerstone of our product offering.

Our passion for excellent performance and functional solutions with the highest quality come together to form optimal solutions for manufacturers, installers and end-users alike.

Our system solutions
With 60 years experience

Uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects

Conscious choice of materials, automated and efficient production as well as a highly developed system for quality control ensure products and solutions of exceptional quality.

Our solutions – well known for their unique performance and quality - are sold to cooperating partners and customers in more than 20 countries. Our ambition is to provide products and services that increase our customers’ competitiveness.

Close collaboration with our customers and an uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects of manufacturer and product performance is our trademark. Our solutions are robust and simple to manufacture for our customers. The end-user experiences are ease of use, dependable function, longevity and low maintenance requirements.

All round quality

High quality in our hardware solutions for door and window components is a significant feature of the Spilka brand worldwide.

But both for us and our customers, quality means more than making a good product. 360 degrees Spilka quality ensures an extra high focus on assisting our partners throughout the customer journey and in all parts of our collaboration.

We work continuously to ensure that our expertise and standards contribute to constantly developing the most innovative and functional solutions, that provide increased competitiveness and profitability for our customers and partners.