The best of both worlds

The look of natural timber inside, weatherproof strength outside

Inside the home, the natural colour and features of the wood may be shown. Outside the home, the window is protected and safe from the elements.

By choosing aluminium cladding, you get all the advantages of a traditional wooden window, along with protection from severe weather and other outdoor elements. Exterior cladding also helps prevent your wood windows from fading, maintaining the same colour and quality.

Our concept

Why aluminium cladding?

Wood is the original and classic window material, used to create beautiful windows for centuries. In addition to being lovely in texture and visually attractive, wood windows have many advantages over other windows.

Wood is a naturally good insulator. It's durable. It won't warp in the sun or melt. Well-maintained wooden windows can literally last for centuries.

So why choose aluminium cladding?

The truth is that wood, for all its positive qualities, has some vulnerabilities. The primary vulnerability of wood is that it requires regular maintenance in order to maintain integrity and functionality.

Windows that are not regularly stained or painted will swell in humid weather and may become warped, rotted or mouldy when regularly exposed to moisture.

In other words, if you choose wooden windows, you must properly care for and maintain them.

If you're seeking a way to make your wooden windows more durable, aluminium cladding may be the solution. Aluminum is a material that can withstand water, wind, snow and cold, thus protecting the wood.

By choosing windows with aluminum cladding, you get low maintenance windows with the option to display the natural appearance of the timber to the inside.

A colourful choice

A wide range of colours makes it possible to adapt the aluminum cladding to harmonize with the rest of the facade cladding.

All our aluminium products are available in a wide range of colours, from the standard RAL colour system.

Cladding from Spilka

The advantages of aluminium cladding

A sustainable choice

Aluminium cladding extends the longevity of your windows, and is a multi recycable material.

Reduced maintenance

Window cladding makes it possible to have wooden windows without the regular maintenance. Cladding requires no painting or staining to look its best


Cladding is designed to match the exterior of the home. Cladding also helps prevent your wood windows from fading, maintaining the same color and quality.

Weather Resistant

Cladding prevents water, wind, and other weather elements from penetrating the original window material.

Look of wood

Windows that have cladding on the exterior can maintain the look of bare wood inside the home.