Outward opening windows are simply better

A windy, wet and in many ways extreme climate requires extraordinary solutions – windows are no exception.

In order to meet these challenges we developed our portfolio of Spilka window solutions. Ironically, based on the outward opening principles tough, windy weather increases the window's performance. Wind pressure applied to the window pane increases pressure of the sash on the sealing gaskets, making the window even more draught proof.

In addition the solution provides the end-user easy access to the mechanism for maintenance and for cleaning of the outside of the windowpane.

Our system solutions

Flexibility in terms of combinations, sizes and technical performance

Key benefits of outward opening windows

Excellent wind and rain resistance - energy efficient!

Easy to operate, does not open into the room

Easy to maintain and clean from the inside

Fits most architectural styles

Flexible sizes

Spilka offers three different window solutions which are fully reversible:

Complete System Solutions

Spilka develops and designs hinges as well as other associated components to be able to produce windows with optimal function and performance for demanding conditions. With a complete system where all components are designed to work together, it is an integrated solution for high performance windows.

The Scandinavian Solution

Designed to meet the weather of the future

Flexibility in terms of combinations, sizes and technical performance

Scandinavian designed outward opening windows have found markets well beyond their original home.

Whereas their ability to insulate and reduce heat loss remain key benefits in the northern hemisphere, the same functionality but with opposite effect makes it attractive in warmer climates, i.e the ability to keep heat out.

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